2024-2025 Academic Year Undergraduate – Associate Student Booklet
Mission and Vision

Mission of the Department

Based on the determination that the past, especially the recent past, which has a primary role in shaping today, can be understood by examining the scientific method and interdisciplinary perspective, to educate individuals who have gained a historical perspective, who can look at events and problems critically and as objectively as possible;

To contribute to the formation of a healthy social memory for the benefit of humanity and the country by examining the different stages of world history and Turkish history within this framework and the interaction processes with the societies that Turks have contacted in different geographies where they live, within the framework of a holistic approach with the same method and perspective;

To make people realize the importance of the knowledge accumulation in the field of history and the impact and contribution of the awareness of historical experience in understanding the present and making policies and decisions for the future;

To present these findings and information to the service of society and to carry out research and educational activities for this purpose.

Vision of the Department

Since the study of the past is significantly shaped by the conditions and methods of the present, to update the production of scientific knowledge and the education given with contemporary methods and techniques;

In this framework, with a questioning and innovative approach, to be a department that works to increase the knowledge and cultural equipment of the people of the country and to make Turkey a country that makes serious contributions to science and civilization.